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Conference: Shaping EU climate and energy policy

From climate clubs and the future design of electricity markets to EU Governance, carbon pricing instruments and social compensation – during the latest ‘Ariadne in Brussels’ event that took place from December 5-7, Ariadne researchers gave insight into their research on the energy transition in the context of the European climate policy.

Over 250 participants, not including members of the consortium, had registered for the event, both in-person and online. They represented national ministries of EU Member States, the European Commission, think tanks, consultancies, private businesses, business associations, and NGOs. Geographical representation was equally broad, and besides Germany covered countries from all across Europe (Austria, Belgium, Czechia, Denmark, Estonia, France, Ireland, Italy, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland) and even countries outside of Europe (e.g. Ukraine, Egypt, Mexico and the United States).

Day 1:

Electricity market design of the future – how can CfDs address the promotion needs of RES?

The spatial and temporal challenges of the energy transition

Enhancing the EU Governance Mechanism for the 2030 and 2040 targets – how the Governance-Regulation should be revised

Climate clubs – economic situation, legal framework and political strategy

Eliciting demand and use cases for the Ariadne Web-Platform

The use of surveys for climate policy

Day 2:

Scientists meet Analysts: What is up for the MSR?

Sequencing the CDR into the ETS

Interactions between the new ETS II and national carbon pricing instruments – the case for “higher” national carbon prices? And what about the revenues?

Day 3:

Charting the Course: Foresight Workshop on Priorities for the Next Generation of the European Green Deal

Targeted social compensation and identification of vulnerability: What is next for science to support policy?