Paths to climate neutrality

Scenarios & Paths

Making climate policy work: From individual sectors to a perspective on systems, Ariadne explores options by uniquely combing systemic consistency and sectoral detail.

Mobility of the future

Transport transition

Ariadne researches technologies and policy options for the transport transition in Germany, involving citizens from the outset.

Clean and affordable energy supply

Electricity transition

Ariadne develops policy instruments and technologies for the electricity transition, taking citizens’ perspectives and goals into account.

Driving forward the transformation of the heating sector

Heating transition

Ariadne investigates barriers to transforming the buildings heating sector and which economic, regulatory and informational instruments can be used to overcome them.

Transformation of production processes

Industrial transition

In dialogue with stakeholders, scenario analyses and concrete options for action are developed for a climate-friendly and competitive industry in Germany.


An energy carrier of the future


From supply potential to costs, from fields of application to uncertainties and risks, from imports to infrastructure, Ariadne provides an overview of the possible role of hydrogen for the energy transition.

From energy tax to environmental tax

Tax reform

Stabilising the economy while directing investments toward climate protection, Ariadne explores short-term energy tax reforms and long-term restructuring of the tax system for equitable burden-sharing.

Coordinated and effective policy management


The energy transition needs institutions for effective governance. Ariadne explores climate policy planning and coordination between the political institutions, actors and levels involved.

Integration of the German energy transition

Europe & the Green Deal

Ariadne informs policy-makers on which instruments should be reviewed and which reforms should be initiated to ensure effective carbon pricing across the EU.

Flagge Europäische Union