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More new fossil gas heating systems, only tentative progress: energy transition update

Reduced fossil fuel consumption due to the energy crisis, tentative positive signs in the expansion of renewable energy capacities, electric cars and heat pumps – but not fast enough, according to new figures from the Ariadne Transformation Tracker. Moreover, ...

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Ariadne provides insight into their research on energy transition in the context of European climate policy in Brussels

n a three-day series of events in Brussels from December 5-7, 2023, partners from the Kopernikus project Ariadne present important findings from their work that are relevant for the further development of EU climate and energy policy.

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Effective climate governance through strong climate institutions

In a new Ariadne report, researchers from the Hertie School analyse and compare climate institutions in Germany, the United Kingdom, Sweden, and Australia. They draw on this analysis to offer reform options for German climate institutions in the context ...

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Climate policy in check – an assessment framework for the design of policy pathways

Germany is not “on track” to meet its climate targets by 2030 and 2045. To comply with the Climate Protection Act, the framework conditions should be designed in such a way that businesses and society change their actions and investment ...

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Have your say, help shape the energy transition: What the Ariadne citizens’ conferences show about the energy transition

From rising energy costs for households to the expansion of local renewable energies, the population is increasingly directly affected by the energy and transportation transition, and they want to get involved and have their say. That is why, as ...

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Political consensus for EU emissions trading for heat and transport through fair design and economically efficient price

The extension of emissions trading to the buildings and transport sector (ETS2) is a core element of the European Commission’s Fit for 55 package, which is highly controversial. The aim of the ETS2 is to create incentives for climate-friendly ...

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Make greater use of EU emissions trading to ease the burden on national climate targets

European emissions trading (EU ETS) is a core element of EU climate policy, but the European Commission’s proposed revision of the EU ETS is currently having a tough time in the European Parliament. Last week, a majority of MEPs ...

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Get started despite uncertainties – cornerstones of an adaptable hydrogen strategy

Green hydrogen and e-fuels are undoubtedly necessary for Germany’s path towards climate neutrality in 2045. However, unlike renewable electricity from wind and solar, we have not yet made any practical use of these energy sources. Therefore, the debate is ...