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Institutions for effectively governing the energy transition

Coordinated and target-oriented climate policy governance

The German Climate Protection Act has created a new institutional framework. The climate policy mix within this framework will have to be continuously reviewed and adjusted in the coming years. This is the only way to successfully manage the various technological, economic and social challenges of the transformation in areas such as sector linkage and hydrogen. The European Green Deal also sets in motion a wave of legal and political adaptation processes at both the European and national levels, and these must be coordinated as closely as possible. The resulting governance and regulatory challenges require continuous analysis and, where necessary, reform.

Ariadne examines the institutional design of climate policy planning and coordination processes between the political institutions, actors and levels involved. Options for institutional reforms are explored in dialogue with stakeholders. One focus is the design and adaptation of climate policy instrument mixes, the governance of sector linkage and the handling of social conflicts that may arise from the energy transition.

News from the project

Governance & Institutions |

Under scrutiny: How EU diplomacy handled the design and launch of the Carbon Border Adjustment Mechanism

The European Union’s outreach to third countries during the introduction of the Carbon Border Adjustment Mechanism was rigid and uncoordinated, new Ariadne analysis has found. Researchers investigated how the EU organized its diplomacy to counter trade concerns during the …

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Governance & Institutions, Heating transition |

Knowing what works: How to improve the evaluation of existing climate protection measures

In order to assess the success or failure of strategies to reduce emissions in the building sector, reliable data, evaluation of all policy programs, good timing of evaluations and their inclusion in political reform processes are necessary – foundations …

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Governance & Institutions |

Options for a targeted reform of the European climate and energy Governance Regulation

The European Governance Regulation is the pivotal procedural control element for achieving the EU’s 2030 energy and climate targets. However, since it came into force in 2018, it has been seen as deficient. Ariadne experts now discuss the reform …

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Governance & Institutions |

Effective climate governance through strong climate institutions

In a new Ariadne report, researchers from the Hertie School analyse and compare climate institutions in Germany, the United Kingdom, Sweden, and Australia. They draw on this analysis to offer reform options for German climate institutions in the context …

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Transport transition, Governance & Institutions |

Climate policy in check – an assessment framework for the design of policy pathways

Germany is not “on track” to meet its climate targets by 2030 and 2045. To comply with the Climate Protection Act, the framework conditions should be designed in such a way that businesses and society change their actions and investment …

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