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Energy transition in dialogue

The Kopernikus Project Ariadne creates a learning process with political, civil society and economic actors to explore and discuss options for shaping the energy transition and provide political decision-makers with important orientation on the path to a climate neutral Germany. Regular exchange with stakeholders is an important part of the project. Therefore, Ariadne organises citizens’ conferences, parliamentary events and dialogue forums on topics that are relevant for decision-makers from companies, associations, ministries and governmental authorities. As a platform, Ariadne offers a space for exchange and brings different groups of stakeholders together.

The dialogue formats are aligned with Ariadne’s thematic focus. Scientific contributions are complemented by inputs from practice and create a space for discussion among participants. Ariadne’s aim is not to create consensus. Rather, the aim is to reveal different perspectives that are relevant for the discourse on the energy transition, and thus for decision-makers.

Dialogue formats

Dialogue formats

Stakeholder dialogues

Parliamentary events

Policy Workshop

Kopernikus Symposium

Citizen deliberation

Further information

  • For more information and an overview of the dialogue formats that have already taken place, please visit the “Lernprozess” page.
  • Thematic focus of Ariadne: Ariadne explores energy transition strategies across a range of sectors, such as heat or industrial transition, in addition to electricity and transport transition. Read more here.
  • Follow the Ariadne thread on X @AriadneProjekt and LinkedIn.